Sangit Tafelmaier – the woman behind feltArt

Originally from Germany I now live and work in FNQL, Australia. My life was always centered around creating – painting, drawing, sewing and knitting, cooking – it doesn’t matter, as long as it involves ‘making stuff’ I am happy!

I learnt wet felting many years ago in the south of WA and immediately knew that i found my ultimate medium. And i have not stopped creating items from wool since!

Colours and textures are my main source of inspiration. Wool and silk tops come in the most brilliant colours. Nature and country are another major influence on my work. After many years of using pre dyed wool and silk i now started doing my own  eco dyeing, using eucalyptus leaves, bark, berries and other vegetation.

I enjoy it immensely to be able to work with the best of Australian Merino wool. The tactile sensation of working with the wool fibers is a deeply satisfying experience. I often combine the wool with silk or other natural fibers like bamboo or soja to create interesting surfaces, textures and shades.

A lot of feltArt’s pieces are ‘wearable art’ –  hats, scarves, shawls, vests, jackets and bags. I also felt wall hangings, small sculptures and soft furnishings.

Apart from selling off the shelf items i am available for work on commissions.

Just get in touch and we can discuss your ideas…